There are many new games constantly being released and each time, it's hard to keep up with.

Over the past few months,I have been feverishly updating the Wiki with all of the new games. Problem is, most of these games haven't even been released yet and when they DO release,I'm behind on updating the article.

Take A Link Between Worlds  for example:This game was released last month and it should have been updated by now. I COULD of course update it now,but that would mean leaving out the new games and spending a lot of time trying to update the new ones.

Furthermore,the Gallery pages that I added exist solely so that the images don't overlap the headings,because they always seem to do. Plus it looks more formal/proffesional.

Ultimately,I have decided that I'm not going to focus on new games and I'm just going to make articles for old Consoles like the NES ,then cover the games that are on that system. Hopefully,despite a few obscure games for those systems, I will be able to keep up that way.

So if you guys want the new games to be added,I'm afraid you'll have to do it yourself.

However,make sure it keeps the format that the previous pages have,or else I may have to correct it.