This Game is a sequel to the 3DS Game, Super Mario 3D Land

It will feature 4-player co-op.


Screenshots for this game can be found here.


  • This is  the first 3D Mario Game to feature 4-player Co-op
  • The Character line-up in this Game is confirmed to be based off of Super Mario Bros 2 USA for the NES
  • In an Iwata Asks Interview  it is revealed that the Cherry  power-up  was the result of a mistake with the development tool where a staff member accidently placed two-player Mario's into the game but the team liked the idea and it was ultimately kept.
  • In another part of the Iwata Asks Interview Hayashida mentions that the stamps were created because  he wanted Miiverse integration in the game, but  lacked drawing talent. Eventually, they became part of  Animal Crossing Plaza.
  •  Hayashida also reveals in the Iwata Asks Interview that the title was always going to be "3D World" regardless of whether or not it had stereoscopic 3D. He goes on to mention  that when he looked back to the older Mario games, he realized that "Land" was for handheld titles and "World" was for consoles. This explains why Super Mario 3D Land was created on a handheld and 3D World was created on a home console.  


Extras can be found here.