Pac-Man Pasta is Pasta created by Chef Boyardee in the early 80's based off the arcade title "Pac-Man" and came in three unique flavours:  Mini-Meat Balls, Cheese Flavour and Golden  Chicken Flavour each sold seperately.

Each flavour consisted of  small Spaghetti shaped like the titular characters.



Pac-Man pasta

Pac-Man pasta


-Pac-Man and his family are running away from Ghosts.

Ms Pac-Man: "Oh Pac-Man! I'm beat!"

Pac-Man Jr: "And I'm hungry!"

-Pac-Man holds up a shelf containing Pac-Man Pasta-

Pac-Man: "Thank goodness for new Pac-Man Pasta from Chef Boyardee!

Ms Pac-Man: "New Pac-Man Pasta!?"

-Zoom in on one of the family members lifting up the Pasta from the bowl-

Pac-Man Jr: "Mmm...Little Spaghetti shaped like us!"

-All begin eating-

Ms Pac-Man: "Delicious!"

-Ghosts return and watch over them looking angry-

Pac-Man: And because Chef Boyardee's PACCED with goodness, it's great for when we have to eat and ruuun"

Ghosts: "Woah!"

-Ghosts look frightened and run away, as the family chase them-

Announcer: New Pac-Man Pasta from Chef Boyardee.

With meatballs

-Pac-Man chomps the Mini-Meat Balls flavoured tin-

Without meatballs

-Pac-Man chomps the Cheese Flavoured tin

or Chicken Flavour.

-Pac-Man chomps the Chicken Flavoured tin-

-Zoom in on the family talking-

Pac-Man: "Thank goodness for new Pac-Man Pasta!"

-Camera pans out on the landscape as the family chase the Ghosts.

All: "Thank  goodness for Chef Boyardee!"

-Commercial ends-