Green Hill Zone is an iconic and recurring Zone in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, making its first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog for the SEGA Genesis. 

It has seen notable improvements and alterations since its debut.

Green Hill Zone Sonic 1

Sonic the Hedgehog(SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive)Edit

In its initial appearance, Green Hill Zone consisted of 3 acts.  Each act was home to Motobugs, Buzz Bombers,  Newtrons, Choppers and Crabmeat.

Act 1Edit

Act 1 starts off with flat ground leading to a Motobug and a ledge containing a Ring Box. It then leads to a bridge with a Chopper. Past the bridge, a slope and a series of steps with Crabmeat can be seen.  There is a small block obstructing the way, with another bridge containing another Chopper. There is an additional small block and a new ledge that has to be jumped on that leads to a spring with two branching paths.  One path, is covered in spikes, with extra Ring and Invincibility Boxes at the end. The other contains additional ledges and  two optional moving platforms that lead to an Invincibility Box sitting on top of a loop-de-loop, which is next to two more dropping platforms with 3 Buzz Bombers.  Eventually, this takes the player to a high ledge containing plenty of rings and is followed by dropping plaforms descending towards the goal.

Act 2Edit

This Act begins with a bridge with two Choppers leaping from the waterfall below, leading to a spring where the player can gain some Rings. As you go further, you'll come across a tree containing a Barrier Monitor. A swinging platform can then be seen which the player must leap on to to get to the other side. After passing another bridge also containing some Choppers, the player will go through a loop-de-loop and then come at a tree containing an Invincibility Monitor. Next is a series of up-and-down-moving pedestals with spike beds in between, with a Checkpoint on one of the pieces of land. After overcoming a few more Badniks and going through a tunnel, the player will reach the Goal Post.